Fully Autonomous

We are building the security surveillance and defence aerial drones of the future.

We provide turnkey drone security solutions

Partner with us and we will take care of aviation legalities, drones, software and training.


We build the business case with you to ensure you will run a profitable and financially stable business.


Authorisation to fly from your local Civil Aviation authority is essential if you are a non-state operator.


Get your pilots licensed and mission ready through our approved training program.


Decide on the missions you will fly and choose your drone configuration accordingly.


Our software controls your drones, pilots and missions. Stay on top of operations from the comfort of your browser.


We are at hand to take care of servicing requirements, general aviation advice and mentoring.

In the future drones will

- be fully autonomous taking the pilot out of the loop until needed.

- re-energise itself when needed.

- be informed by computer vision and machine learning.

- operate beyond visual line of sight.

- be the norm.

Our secret

Software is at the heart
of our business


Highly experienced software developers and machine learning experts create cutting edge software systems.


Our management team is highly qualified. Years of aviation experience in the military and civilian arenas provide insight.


Our systems are highly secure. From software to Command & Control radio links, we take nothing for granted.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.